Welcome to the U.S.S. Poseidon!

The year is 2393. Six years after the death of Ambassador Spock, the Alpha Quadrant is still reeling from the effects of the Hobus Supernova which destroyed Romulus and Remus. With Empires struggling to survive and minor powers vying for supremacy, it is an interesting time for the United Federation of Planets. In the chaos, piracy has been on the rise, with typically peaceful trade routes to distant Federation frontier worlds now coming on periodic attack by roving bands of marauders. The U.S.S. Poseidon, a Miranda-class starship, is the beginning of Starfleet's response to this problem. Returned to service from mothball and refitted for modern service, she is to act as Starfleet's arm and shield in places left unprotected. These are the adventures of the Poseidon, and she needs you as her crew.


The crew and commanding officer of the U.S.S. Poseidon (NCC-42635) welcome you to our homepage! The objective of our sim is to provide an avenue for fans of Star Trek sims to explore one of the less detailed areas of traditional Star Trek Role Playing, that of convoy escort and anti-piracy operations. Missions will inevitably vary depending on what comes down from Pegasus Fleet, but the primary goal and objective of the Poseidon is to represent a solid presence as Starfleets commitment to peace and security with its member-worlds and their peoples, and act as deterrent to the enemies of those ideals.

Positions on the U.S.S. Poseidon are generally open to all applications. We welcome all aspects and avenues of experience, and are eager to have you join us on our adventures. Since the U.S.S. Poseidon is essentially an active-duty training vessel - despite its mission perimeters - missions will generally include objectives that encourage character growth and exploration in order to flesh out players perspectives and worlds. Each post adds to the creation and legacy of the Poseidon, and each player is more than welcomed to use the Poseidon to hopefully reach for better, more prestigious ships and positions within Pegasus Fleet!

If this unique aspect of Star Trek RPG interests you, feel free to apply to join today!

-Positions Taken:
Commanding Officer
Executive Officer
Chief Counselor/Second Officer
Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Chief Engineering Officer

====>>POSITIONS OPEN<<====
All other positions open and available!

====>>FLEET/TASK FORCE<<====
-The U.S.S. Poseidon is a proud member of:
Pegasus Fleet

-The U.S.S. Poseidon operates within:
Task Force 11

Pegasus Fleet does not permit players under the age of 13. The U.S.S Poseidon sim does not allow anyone under the age of 16.

RPG Rating of the U.S.S. Poseidon:
-Infrequent, mild swearing is permitted.
-Mild sexual innuendo and references permitted.
-Mild violence is permitted.

Latest News Items

» A Warm Welcome and Some Updates!

Posted on Sunday August 18th, 2019 @ 11:59am by Commander Franklin Johnson in Sim Announcement

Hello Crew,

Firstly, I'd like to welcome our new Chief Medical Officer, Lieutenant Nivora T'vek, who is played by Lt. Nivora T'vek on our discord. Nvoria, or as I know them, Nova, is a wonderful role player from the same nation simulation game I've been mentioning recently. His excellent understand of writing and storytelling will be an asset to us, and assist us in our mission at welcoming and tutoring new cadets as they roll in - both newbies and professional players alike! Welcome, Nivora T'vek!

In another bit of news, WOW! Look at those numbers! We are killing it on participation and I want to thank you guys for this. Along with Lt. Nivora T'vek, a lot of others who have joined recently have really stood up and taken the initiative. Thank you all for making this sim so active! I cannot thank you enough from the bottom of my heart. This ship is now a part of you, as much as me, and I'm so happy to share the experience with you!

Lastly, we are well underway in our mission briefing and it's running fantastically. Remember you're free to opine anytime and further the story! Once we're done we'll continue our joint postings from before the meeting in the time, and some just after. I've already established our next mission within our mission group as "departure", and it'll include our shakedown and thereabouts. Take all the time you guys need to flesh out your stories and explore new avenues, because I'm really loving this creativity!

Keep Up the Good Work,
Franklin S. Johnson
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Poseidon

» Welcome to our Chief Science Officer!

Posted on Thursday August 15th, 2019 @ 5:57am by Commander Franklin Johnson in Sim Announcement

Hey Crew,

I'd like to extend a hearty welcome to our new Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant Canaan Serine, played by howtypicallyhuman on our discord. Canaan has a wonderful history on several simming fleets, with command staff experience within at least two of those. The USS Poseidon is lucky to have gained the attention of someone as experienced, and friendly, as Canaan and we all welcome you aboard. Thanks for joining our adventure!

Have a gander at their character profile as well, it's wonderfully detailed and provided me a great morning read!

Welcome Aboard,
Franklin S. Johnson
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Poseidon

» Concerning the Senior Officers Meeting

Posted on Wednesday August 14th, 2019 @ 6:18pm by Commander Franklin Johnson in Out of Character

Attention Crew,

To clarify the canonical implications of starting the Senior Officers meeting first, we are undertaking this because it was one of the most requested before we began "Departure and Trial Run". Canonically, the Senior Officers Meeting takes place JUST BEFORE we are to launch, but every mission posting taking place now between crew takes place BEFORE the Senior Officers meeting. Everyone is still completely free to mission post at will, but all mission posts must take place before the senior officers meeting in our timeline.

Just to Clarify,
Franklin S. Johnson
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Poseidon

» Welcome and a Deep Thank You!

Posted on Wednesday August 14th, 2019 @ 12:07pm by Commander Franklin Johnson in Out of Character

Hey Crew,

First I'd like to give a warm welcome to a fellow CO, Lieutenant Hibiki Zh'kallas, who plays Assistant Chief Security/Tactical Officer. They are a very wonderful person and command the ISS Asha, but have chosen to participate in our sim much as I in theirs. Wanted to give a heartfelt thank you and place a little advertisement for them here.

Here's the link to the ISS Asha, she needs some good crew!

Lastly, I wanted to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone on this sim. Thank you so much for being a part of this journey and making the Poseidon what she is right now. I have no doubt in a few months we will reach and surpass activity, and create here a wonderful community thanks to you guys and gals. Thank you so much for making my day, for making this possible.

With Deepest Respects,
Franklin S. Johnson
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Poseidon

» We are now Operational

Posted on Monday August 12th, 2019 @ 11:27am by Commander Franklin Johnson in Sim Announcement


It is with excitement and an elated sense of joy that I extend to you the information that I've been eager to share. The USS Poseidon is now classified as OPERATIONAL! Great job everyone! We gained far beyond the minimum of six crew to achieve this status and we are well on our way to moving forward with our second mission. I want to personally thank all of you for your activity, for your willingness to join, and for being awesome and fellow fans of Star Trek! You've made this possible and I give credit entirely to you.

Continuing with our good news, we're about to wrap up our time in drydock! That's right! We've almost concluded the majority of our meeting mission posts and we're dwindling down to the last few. Things have progressed much faster than even I could anticipate and I wanted to personally extend my thanks to everyone who has made this possible. Let us all remember that our minimum posting requirement is *one per week* - minimum - so let us show respect to those of us who are legitimately busy but also want to participate. No rush, no fuss, we will all work together as a crew and we will participate as such.

In that same regard of crew cooperation, I must extend a fantastic thank you to both Ensign Sydney Allen and Lieutenant, Junior Grade Freya Svanirsdottir for their absolutely fantastic display of cooperation and activity. I do not expect this level of anyone, but when I see it, I will congratulate you. So good job you two, expect some rewards when I finally get those sorted out!

Speaking of awards, that's one of the final things I need to add to the sim, so until I get that added we can't realistically add any yet. I will, however, recommend awards to you on Pegasus Fleet. Keep an eye out!

We've been updating and fine tuning our Discord! If you have any further suggestions feel free to ask them in the appropriate channel. Furthermore, remember to utilize the tag channel to tag your partner once the post is done - if you're not already in voice. It shows activity! Thanks for using it guys so far!

We have a permanent member of Pegasus Fleet Command there right now, Fleet Captain Somers, and we graciously extend our welcome to him. I invite all the crew to ask away their questions and concerns, or just chat with him! That's why he arrived! Also to activate us, which was a wonderful event!

Keep up the fantastic work everyone. Those who I have not named, don't worry, I see your activity and contributions, and I will accordingly be giving out awards soon. You guys have more than deserved it.

Finally, let's all welcome our newest - and returning - addition to our fine Miranda-class starship. Lieutenant Nealey Brinsley, our new Chief Operations Officer, who is played by Annabel on our discord. Annabel was the ORIGINAL Executive Officer on the Poseidon back in 2017 and, thankfully, found her way back here. I and the XO, as with many others, are honored and privileged to have her back. Welcome back! We missed you! The Poseidon just wasn't the same and now that you're back, it feels like home again.

Keep up the good work everyone,
Cmndr Franklin S. Johnson
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Poseidon

Latest Mission Posts

» The Winding Paths That Lead Us [Pt. 1]

Mission: Departure and Trial Run
Posted on Tuesday August 20th, 2019 @ 9:35pm by Lieutenant Commander Kanaka Shakura & Commodore Gregory Paladin

After the Senior Officers' Meeting had concluded and Kana had performed her first official duty as Second Officer and promoted the now Lieutenant Freya to Chief Flight Control Officer, the Chief Counsellor had retired to her quarters for a few moments respite in the immediate run-up to the Poseidon's departure.…

» How it all began (Part 1)

Mission: Departure and Trial Run
Posted on Tuesday August 20th, 2019 @ 6:41pm by Commodore Gregory Paladin & Lieutenant Freya Svanirsdottir

Night had fallen by the time Freya returned to the academy. As so often, she had snuck out of the academy and into the city. She knew that if she was to get caught, she would suffer harsh punishment, but she was willing to take the risk. There was so…

» Moving house

Mission: Departure and Trial Run
Posted on Monday August 19th, 2019 @ 11:59am by Lieutenant Freya Svanirsdottir & Lieutenant JG Sydney Allen

Freya was slowly walking back to the quarters she shared with Sydney. Promoted to full Lieutenant, and Chief Flight Control Officer? It felt strange, to be honest. And the way Sydney had stormed out of the briefing made her somewhat worried about her friend and soon to be former bunkmate.…

» A Promotion to Chief Flight Control Officer

Mission: Departure and Trial Run
Posted on Monday August 19th, 2019 @ 5:51am by Lieutenant Commander Kanaka Shakura & Commander Franklin Johnson & Lieutenant Freya Svanirsdottir & Commodore Gregory Paladin

As the Senior Officers' meeting came to a close and the officers' began to depart, Franklin, Gregory, Phoebe and Kanaka congregated to speak privately amongst themselves for a few moments while the noise of the others departing passed and died down. Freya was the last to collect her things and…

» The First Senior Officer's Meeting

Mission: Departure and Trial Run
Posted on Monday August 19th, 2019 @ 5:45am by Lieutenant Canaan Serine & Commander Franklin Johnson & Lieutenant Commander Phoebe Graydon & Lieutenant Commander Kanaka Shakura & Lieutenant Karn Karn & Lieutenant J'Loni Mo'Bri Daughter House L'Keth & Lieutenant Nealey Brinsley & Lieutenant Nivora T'vek & Lieutenant Freya Svanirsdottir & Lieutenant JG Sydney Allen & Commodore Gregory Paladin & Lieutenant Neteri "Ikran" Shannon


Phoebe had been advised to get all the senior staff into the briefing room, ready for the first briefing before their mission began. She had got the room setup, and put all the relevant information onto the wall board. She then sent a message around to all of the…

Latest Personal Logs

» Chief Counsellor's Log - Commodore Gregory Paladin #00

Posted on Tuesday August 20th, 2019 @ 10:05pm by Lieutenant Commander Kanaka Shakura

Chief Counsellor's Log, Stardate 70631.0.

This log will serve as my preliminary remarks on Commodore Gregory Paladin, Mission Advisor and Chef aboard the U.S.S. Poseidon, who I have scheduled to have a counselling session with next week after an impromptu meeting with him that I just concluded in his quarters.…

» Personal Log, Lt. Freya Svanirsdottir, ISS Cromwell. Entry 075.

Posted on Monday August 19th, 2019 @ 8:00am by Lieutenant Freya Svanirsdottir

Personal Log, Lt. Freya Svanirsdottir, ISS Cromwell. Entry 075.

Chief Flight Control Officer. It feels a bit strange, sitting here in my own, private quarters, full Lieutenant pips on my collar. And that collar is red. The uniform is different from that of the Empire, but similar enough for me…

» Captain's Personal Log #0

Posted on Monday August 19th, 2019 @ 6:12am by Commander Franklin Johnson

Captain's Personal Log, Number Zero, Stardate 70630.834

I have just concluded the first Senior Officer's Meeting onboard the Poseidon.

[elapsed 5 minute silence]

I am not used to using personal logs, I believe I am more familiar with writing things down. Having a computer dictate for me the words that…

» LCdr. Shakura's Personal Log #1

Posted on Monday August 19th, 2019 @ 2:31am by Lieutenant Commander Kanaka Shakura

Lieutenant Commander Shakura's Personal Log, Stardate 70610.9.

I've just returned from the Commander's Ready Room after a late night meeting. He asked me to serve as his Second Officer. I must admit it was not what I expected going in, though I started to have my suspicions as the conversation…

» Chief Counsellor's Log - Lt. (JG) Freya Svanirsdottir #00

Posted on Monday August 19th, 2019 @ 1:58am by Lieutenant Commander Kanaka Shakura

Chief Counsellor's Log, Stardate 70610.2.

I had a brief first encounter with Lieutenant Junior Grade Freya Svanirsdottir this late afternoon while in the Officers' Lounge aboard the U.S.S. Poseidon. As this will be the first of what I expect to be many meetings, this log will serve as preliminary remarks…