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Phaser Safety Training 101

Posted on Saturday October 12th, 2019 @ 3:41pm by Lieutenant Canaan Serine & Ensign Samantha Evans, Trainee & Ensign Dok, Trainee & Ensign Charlie Honey, Trainee & Lieutenant Karn Karn & Lieutenant Hibiki Zh'kallas

Mission: Departure and Trial Run
Location: USS Poseidon; Phaser Range, Deck 7
Timeline: Pre-Poseidon Launch; Pre-Departure


"Why is this even necessary?" Ensign Charlie Honey groaned, holding the Type 2 Phaser as if it were a dirty sock.

Ensign Samantha Evans rolled her eyes, something she'd frequently been doing where Dok and Honey were concerned. "Yes, of course, it's necessary." She replied more tersely than necessary.

"But we're scientists, not the meatheads in security." He countered.

Ensign Dok squealed with laughter at Honey's witty designation of the shipboard security department. "That's funny, Charlie, 'meatheads'... that's rich." He continued, ignoring Evans' stern glare.

"Even scientists need to know how to defend themselves," Evans explained, her patience waning with the two man-children.

"That's correct, Ms. Evans." Canaan's voice called to attention the three trainees. They stood at parade rest, hands clasped behind their backs, chins jutted out, feet at shoulder length placement. "The sciences is one of the most frequently utilized departments for away missions. Aside from security, we're number two when it comes to landing parties." He clarified. "Although we don't anticipate confrontation, it's important to prepare for all eventualities, and one of those is learning to defend yourself. A security officer isn't always going to be there to protect you. Learning basic self-defense and how to use a phaser will better enable you to do so if things go south on an away mission. Understood?"

The three trainees belted out a "Yes, sir!" in unison.

"Excellent. Then allow me to introduce Lieutenant Karn, our Chief of Security and Tactical, and his deputy, Lieutenant Zh'kallas. They've been kind enough to set aside a few hours of their time today to help each of us certify on the Type 2 Phaser. Please give them your attention."

Canaan turned to both Lieutenants, turning the lesson over to them.

Karn swagged over to the formation and took an inspecting glare over each trainee.

"Officers! Step up to the firing line. Let's see what you three can do.", instructed Karn is neglecting his usual flair for loquaciousness.

Evans was the first of the three to approach the firing barrier, with Dok and Honey following, both males nodding to each other by way of encouragement. The trainees stood in such a way that conveyed inexperience.

"Ready position!", shouted Karn

Karn frowned stepping behind Ensign Honey.

"Ensign? Are you trying to put a hole in my deck?", he asked with just an edge of danger.

"What? No!" Honey exclaimed.

Karn leaned down as if to whisper in his ear, but suggested in a tone just below his average volume.

"Then get your finger off the firing button."

Embarrassed, the Ensign adjusted his grip.

"Is the line ready?" Karn asked as he looked Zh'kallas.

"The line is ready." Hibiki said simply as she took notes down on her PADD.

"Ready on the left, ready on the right, Commence firing!"

A series of round target drones appeared in the firing line and held still in mid-air as the trainees began to shoot at them. With each correct hit, the balls would flash green and then change position. If the trainee missed, the ball would glow red.

Dok was the first to fire. The action wasn't intentional, the result of sweaty palms and a sensitive firing pad. The phaser discharged a beam of energy stray in its direction. The next five were just as haphazard in direction and intent. Mortified, Dok's expression was one of utter embarrassment as he squealed loudly in frustration.

Honey couldn't help but laugh, watching his friend struggle. The young Ensign was amused at the Ferengi's general discomfort and complete inability to handle the standard sidearm. He found pleasure in knowing he wasn't the only one inept when it came to weapons.

Evans, however, took a defensive firing position, falling to one knee. She braced herself against the barrier, extending her firing arm and depressed the firing pad in rapid succession. Beams of energy streamed the range, several impacting the drones, while others missed and dissipated against the ranges dispersion field.

Canaan observed the trainees from behind a blast shield. A holographic display tracked a plethora of analytics that included the accuracy of hits on the stationary drones, subsequent misses, and several other metrics. He was impressed with Evans' performance, which was coming close to meeting Starfleet's key performance indicators. Dok's and Honey's showing was vexing.

Karn walked up directly behind Honey and shouted, "CEASE FIRE! CEASE FIRE! CEASE FIRE! Place your phasers in the safety positions and holster them." Karn was well aware that he was shouting in poor Honey's ear as he cringed.

"Oh, I am sorry. Did I say something funny science type person? Is how I am speaking to you with my voice amusing to you?? Because surely you are not laughing at poor Trainee Dok's inability to hit... what is the Earth phrase...a broad side of a barn? Because if you were, I would be very very disappointed and if this were real combat you would be very, very dead. If I were your commanding officer, you would be reporting to me at 0500 for remedial basic marksmanship training."

Karn then turned to Evans with a toothy grin, "Now, you, on the other hand, are not dead. You have the right idea, but you need to be patient. Give it a moment. You should be hitting the trigger button just after you breathe out. You will be fine."

Evans beamed proudly, ignoring the snub-nosed expressions of Dok and Honey as she glanced Canaan, who offered a nod of approval and a wink of his eye. Blushing, the young Ensign returned her attention to Karn, who was doing a sufficient job of scolding her Ferengi and Human counterparts.

"I don't want to be dead!" Dom whined loudly, "Show me how to use this confounded weapon properly!" Honey watched closely, staying quiet, yet observing to mirror the Lieutenant's instruction.

"Zh'kallas, you work with Honey. I'll work with Dok. We have about a half-hour to do some training, but then you will both need to report to remedial training once we get underway. I will work it out with Lt. Serine to determine out a schedule and you will work out how to hit things."

For the next thirty minutes, Karn and Zh'kallas worked with the two men. The officers swapped trainee's about fifteen minutes in, offering helpful and precise direction about technique, form, and intent. Evans listened in, learning at the same time as her counterparts, absorbing every bit of wisdom the two security professionals were willing to share. Canaan was so impressed by the woman's control of the weapon, that he felt strongly she'd have made a fine peace officer. By the end of the training period. Dok and Honey had improved, but not markedly. Canaan was pleased with their willingness to try and desire to learn.

"Trainees, I think that's the most time we can steal from Lieutenant's Karn and Zh'kallas today." He said with a smile, "Please take a moment to thank them for setting aside their time and sharing their knowledge with you today."

The three Ensign's stood to attention and, in unison, thanked the two Lieutenants, who stood quietly nearby.

"Mr. Karn and I will speak in the coming days to discuss how we can continue your training. In the meantime, each of you is to complete the assigned reading lessons about the Type 2 Phaser Pistol, Effective Phaser Training, Weapon Tactics and Methodologies, Restrain and the Ethical Use of Weapons, and Proper Weapon Care and Storage. I expect you to be ready for knowledge testing in seven days. Until then, good job, and dismissed."

Dok handed Honey his phaser, who placed both of theirs in the secured holsters of the firing lanes. Evans did the same. Following the two gents out, she couldn't help another eye-roll as she eavesdropped on their conversation. A boastful recollection of how kick-ass they'd both become over the last thirty minutes, she'd waste them, no problem. Evans giggled inwardly, saving that humiliation for another time.

"Thank you," Canaan said with all sincerity, "I appreciate your time and patience with my trainees. Science division doesn't always receive the necessary field training while at the Academy. I know I didn't," he joked honestly. "Just know your thoughtful guidance is appreciated more than you may think."

"It's nothing, anytime ...anytime. Feel free to send all the little younglings my way. We'll whip them into shape in no time."

"I do not doubt that, Lieutenant Karn." Canaan agreed, dipping his head with a nod to both officers. "Will do." With that, the Science Officer turned on a heel and walked out of the phaser range, leaving Karn and Zh'kallas to their own devices.

Hibiki wandered over to Karn and held out the PADD to him. "Here are the results," she said simply. "Let's just hope we're not boarded anytime soon..." she added with a concerned expression.

"Never look a gift targ in the mouth! The science type people never do well in a firefight, but this is a good sign. Let's schedule all our own security staff for a test... just in cases."

Hibiki nodded. "Yes sir. I'll have all security personnel trained up within a week" she explained.


“Opportunity does not waste time with those who are unprepared.”


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