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It'll Be Here on Tuesday

Posted on Saturday October 12th, 2019 @ 3:40pm by Lieutenant Canaan Serine & Lieutenant JG Sydney Allen

Mission: Departure and Trial Run
Location: USS Poseidon; Quartermasters Hooch, Deck 6
Timeline: Pre-Poseidon Launch; Pre-Departure


The Poseidon's Main Cargo Bay was the epitome of organized. Contents, purpose categorized containers of different sizes, degree of hazard (if any), department, and assignment. The ship's state-of-the-art cataloging system made accessible finding equipment, parts, and materials. The interactive program would guide the crewman to the specific location of the cargo within the vast bay.

"Hmmm..." Canaan hummed, glancing from the data PADD to designated area, a circle of about four feet, a broad yellow band around its diameter. The Science Officer's head cocked to the side. "It should be here..." He muttered, flummoxed by the missing supplies.

Gently tapping his combadge, Canaan spoke, =^ "Lieutenant Serine to Ms. Allen, can you join me in the Main Cargobay?" =^= He asked, politely.

Sydney was in her office which she has just moved all her stuff into, its a bit cramped with all the Assistant Heads and her being in there, but she could make do. =^= "Yes, I am on my way." =^=

She got up and proceeded down the walkway towards the Main Cargobay where she had spent most of the day already doing checks which had to be done weekly. She stepped into the bay to see the Lieutenant standing there. "How can I help, Lieutenant?"

Canaan offered the Quartermaster a friendly smile before extending a hand in greeting. The pair hadn't yet been formally introduced to one another, so he took the opportunity to do so. "Commander Johnson approved the transfer of one large canister of liquid nitrogen from engineering to the sciences department. I have the approval here and notification of the completed transfer this morning, but, well..." He gestured to the spot, "No canister."

Handing the PaDD to Allen, the Science Officer pointed to the approval and subsequent notification. "Any ideas?" He asked, curiously.

Sydney looked puzzled; she didn't know anything about this, "well I haven't heard anything abo0ut this, and I just checked the requests about an hour ago and there wasn't anything on the list. Unless I see that request on my side, then I can't take this matter any further, sorry for any inconvenience."

Canaan glanced from the data PADD to Allen back to the data PADD. "Lieutenant, the requisition for the materials and Commander Johnson's subsequent approval are right there." He gestured to the device he'd handed the Quartermaster just a moment prior. "Would you like me to forward the documentation to you so that you can review and follow-up with the applicable parties?" Paperwork snafus were a tiresome ordeal, especially after adhering to the proper procedure. They didn't often happen, hence why they were frustrating.

Sydney leaned back and crossed her arms "I'm sorry my hands are tided unless I get the request with the proper paperwork I cannot let you take anything in this bay. I need the request form with the approval of the XO. I also need it typed up and inputted into the system before I can even consider the request. If I just let everyone take everything, then I wouldn't know where anything is in this place. Just to add as the Quartermaster I am accountable for everything that is on this ship, so fill out the forms and submit them through the correct procedures. I'm sorry but its the rules in this Department. If you fill it out now, then I can have it handed over to you on Tuesday."

Canaan stood fast, turning to face the junior Lieutenant. "Ms. Allen, perhaps you're not understanding, so I'll clarify. First," He gestured to the empty space, "There isn't anything for me to 'take' as the materials I properly requisitioned and received approval for from the commanding officer of the Poseidon aren't here." He took a deep breath, quelling any frustration that was building from within, "Secondly, the forms were filled out and submitted correctly. They were also approved by Commander Johnson, all of which is contained in the data PADD I handed you moments ago. So, you're either willfully ignoring that tidbit of information, or perhaps we've quickly identified the deficiency within the department." He retrieved the PADD from the young woman, "Either way, I'll speak with Lieutenant Brinsley and Commander Johnson to ensure this is addressed."

The white-haired Lieutenant forwarded the documentation to the Chief Operations Officer and stowed the device. Under normal circumstances, Canaan wasn't quick to frustrate or annoy, yet the junior Lieutenant had done a remarkable job of doing both in a short period. It seemed Canaan would have to come to a productive solution to this problem without the Quartermaster.

"Good day, Lieutenant," Canaan said with a dip of his head, turning on a heel and making his way toward the exit.

Sydney not wanting to show any weakness turned to the Lieutenant and raised her voice, "Nothing in this place is moved without my signature, sir. So you can do whatever you want, but it needs my approval. Also, all requests have to be summited the day before so I can review it for my approval. You can go to whoever you want, but I will argue the same point, Sir."

Canaan continued walking, "We'll see, Ms. Allen, we'll see." Conflict, although an unfortunate aspect of life, was inevitable at times. The Quartermaster had some brass-tacks on her, that much was clear. Canaan could respect that, to a point. Insubordination and an apparent disregard, he didn't. It appeared Nealey, and he would have an exciting topic to discuss while looking at wedding photos over a glass of wine. That topic?

Lieutenant Junior Grade Sydney Allen, the Poseidon's Quartermaster.

Sydney knew exactly where the Liquid Nitrogen was but unless all paperwork was summited with the right signatures, It wasn't going anywhere.


"Conflict is inevitable, but combat is optional."


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