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Commodore's Personal Log, #2

Posted on Thursday October 24th, 2019 @ 5:42am by Commodore Gregory Paladin

Today was a good day.

Despite all that has happened today, I took solice in seeking out Canaan, seeking to find a way to clear my mind and reorganize my thoughts. I got more than I bargained for, as typical. I believe today demonstrated that our relationship is maturing together. It is a hopeful sign, something I am eager to continue to foster between us with continued vigor.

I met him in the holodock, I believe it was number two, though my memory may be foggy on that. What I do specifically recall is the setting; rock climbing in a local hilly terrain with plateu's available. I made the effort to meet my love half-way on one of his climbs, he seemed eager and experienced to not use safety equipment - I couldn't help not using it, I'm used to that. In all, we had a fantastic time together, and we managed to take a permanent picture of our time there. I have it right now, in my hand, on this display. We look ... content.

I haven't seen that in any image taken of me in years. I am now under the impressed that we are, in fact, truly in love. I think that to continue to foster this relationship is not only in both our best interests, but also for the interest of our combined recoveries. It is no secret between us that we suffer our own demons and I've noted the more time we have together, the more pleased we are, the more content. I cannot ignore that. I will not.

I put in a private call a day ago to a friend from Starfleet for some advice on this matter and due to that call, I am sure that there will be no official complications so long as I maintain my positional authority - and respect Canaan's station within Starfleet without compromising our professional duties. I feel that I am able to do this, and that seeking and continuing our relationship would not only help in our daily routines, but help us become better officer's as well.

I love that man. I really do. I'm glad I came back to the Poseidon.

Computer, end log.


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