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Commodore's Personal Log, #1

Posted on Monday September 2nd, 2019 @ 8:58am by Commodore Gregory Paladin

Commodore's Log, Stardate 70643.54

I had a run-in with Lieutenant Canaan Serine today. It was entirely unexpected and something that ended up becoming a rather fortuitous event. I was exercising in the main level gymnasium when, after my swim, I chanced upon the Lieutenant and we began discussing things. We immediately bonded, it would seem, and our conversation seems to have revealed we share a similar battle-scarred past. Very few people that I've met can attest to dealing with similar demons and I suppose that this is what drove us to the intimacy of the brief moment's kiss we shared at the end. I am both ashamed of myself for allowing such conduct to take place and glad it did.

The contrast between this log and my last one is striking. Before I started talking, I reviewed my last entry and found myself wondering who that man was before. The sounds of crying and sobbing seeming so alien and foreign to me now, a broken man trying to piece together things. I think my chanced encounter with Lieutenant Serine has emboldened me to be more verbal in my dictations, in my logs and personal explanations. One of these explanations is that after the events that transpired in the Gymnasium, I felt at peace.

I have no clue what shall become of the chance meeting, but I can state that after the fact, I felt better, more confident. Like I wasn't alone anymore, like someone understood. I must be careful, however, to not bridge the gap between shared compatriots to lovers. I believe that should I allow myself to see Mr. Serine as more than a friend, only further heartbreak would follow both of us.

I have invited the Lieutenant for further discourse in my quarters, at a time of his choosing. I suppose in that event we will see what shall transpire that shall either make our friendship more understandable...or perhaps more confusing.

On a last note, I didn't have a nightmare last night. The first time since the event. I slept well.

Computer, end log.


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