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Personal Log, Entry 3

Posted on Monday September 2nd, 2019 @ 12:29am by Lieutenant Canaan Serine

"Canaan Serine's personal log.

"Upon reporting to Doctor T'vek, I was given a clean bill of health and authorized to continue my work as science officer of the USS
Poseidon. This outcome was expected, of course.

"Although the examination went well, the Doctor requested I return for a more thorough physical in keeping with the standards established by Starfleet Medical. I took the liberty of scheduling my next appointment for a week after we depart.

"The Doctor has what one might consider an acerbic personality or attitude, although I found him to be a compelling fellow.

"An artist on his home planet of Romulus, T'vek was of notoriety among the artisans, with some of his more prominent work displayed on the grounds of the Romulan Senate.

"The Hobus incident ensured this work was lost for the ages, a distant memory and something that weighs heavily on T'vek, although he'd never admit to as much. But it's there; you can see it in his face, hear it in his voice, the despair of loss.

"It's interesting to think about what the Doctor might do if he weren't assigned to the Officer Exchange Program. Would he continue his career as a physician, or return to his passion as a sculptor and rock mason?

"Regardless, he's here with us now as the Chief Medical Officer and doing what he can to shore up the medical facilities onboard. He seemed remarkably unimpressed, going so far as to imply subpar conditions. I have the feeling standards in sickbay will far exceed established Starfleet norms while under the skillful watch of the Doctor.

"The other medical professionals may need to step up their efforts, however, if they're to come close to the Doctor's expectations, whether achievable or not.

"It's my sincere hope to befriend the Doctor during our service together.

"Computer, end log."


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