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Just a ounce of your time

Posted on Saturday September 28th, 2019 @ 4:54pm by Commander Franklin Johnson

Hey crew,

The Command Staff will be editing the following Joint Posts for grammar, proper punctuation and canonical clarity:

1. Departure - Part One (Bridge JP)
2. Getting Acquainted

We pulled Getting Acquainted from posted status because we weren't allowed to correct it before it was posted. Our apologies for the confusion! Hold by with us and by the end of the posting of Departure - Part One, we'll be well underway with warp.

During this time I encourage all crew to commence or complete joint posts that happen during the shakedown period. You're free to mention any event in the Bridge JP, such as the fighter explosion.

Thanks for your patience while we work,
Franklin Johnson
Commanding Officer
USS Poseidon


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Category: Sim Announcement