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A few Updates

Posted on Sunday September 15th, 2019 @ 9:56am by Commander Franklin Johnson

Greetings Crew,

Recently we underwent some minor changes to how we conduct and display roles in our discord. There were a few other minor additions to this, but the specific change was that Senior Officers will no longer have their own specific role; no crew below a Commanding Officer rank (CO, XO, 2XO) will have a role. This was done due to one of our wonderful suggestions in our discord channel, #suggestions-complaints. The specific reason was that, rightfully, there was too many senior officers and too few junior officers which left the rest of the crew out of most talks. Now, all crew will be tagged under the role "Ships Crew" which enables everyone to see every channel their situated to, with the exception of admin channels reserved for Command Staff.

As your CO, I greatly appreciate the helpful advice and suggestions yesterday as they were most welcomed!

Additionally, we made a few changes to how we, the Command Staff, communicate with the players. Rightfully, the Command Staff are designated as GM's (Game Masters) with myself as CO the Head Game Master. I get advice from my GM's, we plot a story, I decide on the direction, we all figure into it and I have the final say on that direction. It's a very interactive, fun, and wonderful process to sit back and have my fellow GM's not only educate me on a few instance, but provide awesome inspiration and story bits that we are extremely excited to see the players characters be involved in. What we never did, however, was tell the player-base what those decisions were. Presently there is a strawpoll up in the #announcements channel on discord that's waiting for your votes to finalize how we proceed from here.

Here is a list of the options:
1. Have Bi-Weekly meetings with all crew to discuss story progress

2. Have Bi-Weekly command staff meeting releases for crew to examine and opine on

3. Both (first a scheduled crew meeting, then a dispatch of command staff decision)

I'm going to leave the poll up for a few more days to let the ship decide on the direction we, as the Command Staff, can take to better associate and communicate with the players. At the end of the voting we'll finalize the tally since there was a opinion on simply giving a report of our meetings, we'll make a final decision, then implement what is favored. I am very happy as your CO to be opening a new avenue in which we, as your GM's, can communicate our exciting ideas better with you as our players.

Due to the suggestions, #annoncements will no longer be open to discussions, neither will any channel under the SHIP INFORMATION category with the exception of #suggestion-complaints. This was done to make sure that everyone has an equal say and no specific role is left out. Now, only Command Staff can comment there, which is how it should of been from the start and I apologize for that oversight. Thanks again for that suggestion!

Finally, some channels under the CREW LOUNGE category were properly renamed to reflect either In-Character (IC) purposes or Out-of-Character (OOC) purposes, which will help the players better determine which channel reflects which purpose for the ship or simply for casual conversation. This, too, was a suggestion and was happily implemented due to popular request. Thanks for that suggestion!

Here's a list of all changes implemented thus far, as displayed in #change-log:

September 14th, 2019: Added JUNIOR OFFICER'S OFFICE COMPLEX to canon deck listing on deck 6 for junior officer positions, such as quartermaster and any assistant. Offices will be cramped and tight but exist. They are located in the unassigned area shown on the layout.

Part 2 for 9/14/2019: Changed layout and roles on discord. There are no longer more moderators than members. Only three admins (CO, XO, 2XO) now, no moderators unless we get further members. Additionally updated channels under CREW LOUNGE to reflect IC and OOC purposes

Keep them coming! The Command Staff is eager to receive more suggestions! We'll let you know if they won't work, such as if they break GM authority or whatnot, but otherwise we're all pretty excited to open up new avenues for you to explore your characters. Thanks again for being such wonderful players!

Until next update,
Franklin Johnson
Commanding Officer
U.S.S. Poseidon


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